Making Energy Affordable for All

Making Energy Affordable for All

Lahore: August 24, 2015 – Energy is a fundamental need for not only the economic development of a country but also for meeting the basic human needs. Several institutions in Pakistan such as educational and healthcare facilities stand at the boons of energy to meet their everyday operational needs. Solar energy can hence play a pivotal role to provide for such underprivileged communities, especially in the rural areas.

In the last decade, several private sector entities have emerged that have taken up charges to facilitate development in such distant communities. One such example is that of the solar system installed at the Help NGO’s Maternity Hospital in Surjani Town, Karachi. This solar power solution lights all the labor rooms along with providing basic electricity to the facility. The technical expertise for the solution was provided by Reon Energy Limited. Reon Energy Limited is the renewable energy division of Dawood Hercules Limited - the single largest private sector energy provider in Pakistan.

“Solar solutions are effective for a variety of clients; especially for those in the far-flung, off-grid areas and backup batteries help overcome the system’s downtime in absence of sunlight. This rooftop installation was completed within a short time-span of 20 days. Solar energy has greatly facilitated the treatment process at the hospital,” stated Sana Rizwan, Design Manager, Reon Energy Limited.

Pakistan has ample sun energy that makes it ideal to utilize solar power technologies. From powering tube wells on farmlands to academic institutions, solar is an affordable source of energy. For extensive dissemination of such energy resources, it is essential that private and public entities together make efforts at the lowest socio-economic levels that have felt its’ extreme impacts. Further with sustenance from developmental and financial organizations, the process of energy infrastructure development can be accelerated and with necessary support can further be integrated into the national policies and programmes.