Pakistan International Airline Is Not To Be Privatized

Pakistan International Airline Is Not To Be Privatized

PML-N government has no plans to privatize Pakistan International Airline (PIA) said Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. They are looking for a Strategic Partner to add an effort towards PIA or bringing more international partners to improvise the current situation and amend as much as they can to improve the conditions of PIA.

Choosing the strategic partner would completely be clear. Along this, Minister said that there would be no downsizing in the firm no matter what conditions are applied. They will have no fear of losing their jobs.

According to the Finance Minister, reconstruction of PIA was started way back and improvement are visible in the overall sectors of PIA.

AS portrayed the figure of aircraft available with PIA in June 2013 were 18 and now they have a figure around 38 and it will go to 40 by the end of this month. Plus the life of the aircraft has been reduced from 14 years to 9 years, whereas, the government is planning to bring it down to 6 years.

They are trying their level best to bring the whole legacy back. They have improved and will keep improving until unless they come back on the level where they stood.