NADRA NIC Process - How To Get It Done? [Tutorial]


NADRA NIC Process - How To Get It Done? [Tutorial]

Have you just turned 18? Or your CNIC expired? Confused about NADRA’s CNIC procedure? Well you can sit back and relax as all your worries are answered below.

Procedure for detailed application:

You will go to the NADRA office and will be issued a token.

When your number comes up, you will move to the designated counter and your picture will be taken.

After that you will be required to provide your thumb and signatures.

Your data will be acquitted by DEO and a form will be printed.

After attestation you will proceed to form submission.

Your data will be uploaded to the NADRA Data Warehouse where it will be verified and receive necessary clearance.

After printing at production, your CNIC will be delivered to NADRA Network Startup Resource Centre. After this procedure you can get your CNIC from the NADRA office at the designated date.

Necessary Documents:

The important documents required at the time of application submission are:

Birth Certificate or

Old NIC or

Matriculation Certificate or

CNICs of immediate/blood relatives

Citizenship certificate issued by MOI

Some Important notifications:

Note that no documents are demanded from illiterate applicant for age verification for first time and residents of FATA/PATA will only be entertained at their native DAUs and their forms will be attested by concerned PA/APA.

NADRA NSRCs provide the following services for CNIC:

Issuance of new CNIC

Modification of CNIC

Duplicate of CNIC

Correction of Official Mistake in CNIC

Cancellation of CNIC (In case of death).

The fee for CNIC is 300 rupees if you need it urgent and will be delivered in 15 days.  Otherwise it is only 200 rupees with a delivery time of 30 days.