Google Cultural Institute Pakistan - Website Launch Event In Lahore


At an event organized in Lahore on 20th August, Google unveiled the launch of a special project allowing the publicity of Pakistani cultural heritage with special view maps for the exquisite cultural and historical treasures from Pakistan.

Google Cultural Institute has collaborated with six Pakistani institutions including Lahore Museum, Mohatta Palace Museum, Walled City of Lahore Authority, Heritage Foundation of Pakistan, Fakir Khana Museum and AAN Collection to add 400 new items and 12 special exhibits to Google 's online platform, including the rare Fasting Siddartha sculpture dated to 200 BC and rediscovered in a 19th century excavation.

The project that started in 2012 is managed by the Big G with cooperation of local authorities from concerned departments is now all set to digitalize history. All these images will be featured through 360-degree street-level imagery which is commonly known as street view mapping. More places are expected to be included in the street-level imagery in the following days.

The collection is called “Wonders of Pakistan” and includes ancient relics, paintings, and old coins belonging to Aryan, Persian, Greek and Arab migrants who built tremendous historical monuments throughout Pakistan.

Pakistan now is one of the sixty countries and Google’s cultural institutions amongst the worldwide eight hundred.