Ayyan Ali Invited As 'Guest of Honor' In Karachi University


Actress and model, Ayyan Ali was once again all over the social media and news when she made an appearance as a chief guest at the University of Karachi.

Araib Khan & Abdullah Rizwan Sheikh, students of the Department Of Public Administration, UoK sought Ayyan Ali to inaugurate their new venture called ChipsNDips.

These student entrepreneurs who donate a certain amount of percentage from their profits to help the needy, faced a show cause notice by the university's management for inviting the infamous model for the inauguration and promotion of their private brand.

The model claimed to have received a warm welcome from  the chairman, faculty members and students of the Public Administration Department. The University management later showed its ignorance about Ayyan’s arrival and refrained from any further comment.

The model stated in her post on facebook  “I had some amazing discussions with the faculty & students.I gave them a simple message that they should not create their perception about anything on the basis of rumors they should inquire the real facts and then move forward with their vision, because I want our youth to have full confidence which will help them out to discuss their opinions about everything openly rather than implementing others opinions on themselves.”

After a live question answer session, the model was awarded an Appreciation Shield and thanked the students for having her at this event. Seems like not even a money laundering case can diminish the models demand..