Pakistani Film Festival hosted at Harvard


With the international success of films like Manto and Moor, Global audiences have finally acknowledged Pakistani film industry inspiring Faculty members at Harvard and Brown to join hands to revive the Pakistani cinema in America. Taking a cue from last year’s film festival held at brown, a similar event was held at Harvard with around 600 attendees present to watch the documentaries and short films showcased at the event.

The people behind this brilliant idea of cultural exchange are Asad Ahmed ; an associate professor from the department of anthropology at Harvard and Vazira Zamindar who is a historian from Brown university. The two organized a weekend of promoting visual artforms from Pakistan that included social comedies, biopics and feature films.

The festival opened up political and social discussions as well brought on about by the activists, academics and filmmakers that participated in the event. It was debated whether regulation and censorship should be allowed in the reemergence of the film industry which might limit its scope and reach of a wider audience.

In terms of cinema going culture, not many people from the lower class society in Pakistan appreciate the significance of this revival, as films are mostly shown in multiplexes in Pakistan. The organizers of this event hoped that the culture should prevail not only on a global level but also regionally in Pakistan, where the art of film was supported and sustained mainly by the poorer communities in the 80’s and 90’s.