Imran Khan's Latest Statement On Twitter About Reham Khan


Even the visits of Imran Khan and the election campaign of Reham Khan could not help Raja Amir Zaman rise to victory. Raja Amir Zaman was previously de-seated under rigging charges. Reham Khan also visited many political gatherings and urged the people, in their native language, to vote for Zaman. However,Babar Nawaz  managed to gain  137730 votes and won the by election of NA-19 Haripur.

After the defeat in NA-19, Reham Khan was greatly criticised by other political leaders and her interference in the election campaign was considered as one of the reasons for their loss. Imran Khan recently tweeted that “Reham Khan already has too much on her plate, esp working with street children. In future, she will not attend any PTI function/event.”

In another tweet he stated, “In NA 246 bye election, I insisted Reham come to Khi & visit NA 246. We wanted to challenge the fear factor & get women voters out to vote.”

Imran Khan has made it clear on several occasions that he does not desire Reham to participate in politics.