P@SHA Empowers Global Innovation in Technology with its 12th Annual Conference and ICT Awards

P@SHA Empowers Global Innovation in Technology with its 12th Annual Conference and ICT Awards

The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA), in partnership with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), organized its 12th annual ICT Conference and Awards Ceremony, during a grand gala event on October 12, 2015 at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore. The event was organized in partnership with Punjab IT Board (PITB), along with major tech sponsors including Infotech, Ministry of IT and PSEB, DPL and Systems Limited and Telenor Apps.

Bringing together local tech stars on a single platform, the Awards ceremony lauded innovation and excellence in the Pakistan ICT industry and recognized the efforts of outstanding achievers that have been making waves both locally and internationally. The guest list for both events included leading gurus of the tech industry as well as representatives from the government, the business sector, professionals, academia and students.

“As always, we were overwhelmed by the number of entries that started pouring in from all around the country as soon as we opened applications for the P@SHA ICT Awards which are now in their 12th year”, said Jehan Ara, President of P@SHA. “Celebrating innovation in the Pakistan IT industry is our foremost goal and we started these awards with a vision to promote innovation in Pakistan. There is so much to celebrate, so many innovators who prove again and again that we are a country brimming with talent and creativity; where people with wonderful ideas start companies and transform their ideas into dreams and products that conquer markets, create impact and win awards and accolades.”

Entries for the P@SHA ICT Awards were received from Hyderabad, Mianwali, Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Judging was held in all three major cities of Pakistan to evaluate the applicants and their products. Companies and individuals were asked to pitch their products in front of a panel of judges, that included Syed Ahmed, Shehryar Hydri, Jawwad Farid, Adil Moosajee, Shahjahan Chaudhary, Ashraf Kapadia, Farhan Masood, Zafar Khan, Sameer Noorani, Nabeel Nawaz, Amin Ansari, Abdul Aziz, Saad Hamid and Jehan Ara.

According to the Chairman of P@SHA Mr Syed Ahmad, CEO of DPL, “The key idea behind holding these awards every year is to give our companies a platform to showcase their talent and innovation , and provide them a chance to gain local, regional and international exposure. At the end of the day, it’s all about promoting growth and excellence in the IT sector and establish Pakistan’s stature as a hub of creativity and innovation .”

The application process for the awards kicked off in August, and companies and individuals regardless of being P@SHA members or not, applied in 17 product categories and 15 service categories. P@SHA ICT Awards also open doors to international exposure for local companies working on innovative ideas, as the winners from Product categories will get a chance to represent Pakistan at APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Awards) 2015 that are being held in Colombo next month.

Preceding the Awards night was P@SHA’s Annual Conference , with a number of panel discussions by notable industry experts lined up on core issues of concern for the ICT industry. The conference began with a talk by Shoaib Makani, who used to be part of Khosla Ventures in Silicon Valley and is now running his own startup in Silicon Valley. A discussion on the emerging e-commerce landscape in Pakistan was next, followed by a panel on scaling and growth hacking titled: “From zero to million (founders who grew companies to million+ and how)”. The key panel in the conference however, was focused on Taxation - the role of the regulation and how it affects the growth of IT companies operating in Pakistan. The final panel of the day was dedicated to the thriving startup eco-culture in Pakistan, highlighting the role of accelerators, incubators and freelancers on boosting the growth of the IT sector.  

About P@SHA: The Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) was founded in 1992 by nine technology companies. Today its membership includes more than 450 software houses, product development shops, mobile application companies, BPO companies, Animation & New Media studios and consulting & system integration companies.

P@SHA’s main objective is to promote and develop the software and services industry in Pakistan and to protect the rights of its members. P@SHA has been an active industry advocacy platform and has been projecting the potential of the Pakistan IT and ITES community internationally, both in the region and internationally. P@SHA and its member companies are playing an active role in making their presence felt, both nationally and internationally.  

For more information about P@SHA, please contact Ms. Jehan Ara, President P@SHA at president@pasha.org.pk or follow P@SHA on Facebook (Facebook.com/pakict) and Twitter (@PASHAORG)  





P@SHA ICT Awards 2015 - Complete List of Winners Product Categories


Best in Government & Public Sector Winner Company: RAR MultiBiz Services (Pvt.) Ltd Product: CMIS Website: www.multibizservices.com  

Best in Application Tools & Platforms Runner Up: Company: Bramerz Private Limited Product: Fishry Website: www.bramerz.pk  

Runner Up: Company: Avanza Solutions Product: Novus – Multichannel Switch Website: www.avanzasolutions.com  

Winner: Company: Wavetech  FZCO   Product: Opinion  Plus Website: www.wavetec.com  

Best in Health and Well Being Runner Up: Company: CureMD Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Product: Population Health Management Website: www.curemd.com  

Winner: Company: CASE / NUST College of EME Product: AL-BASR Website: www.case.edu.pk  

Best in E-inclusion and Community Runner Up: Company: UAP Product: WonderTree Website: www.wondertree.co  

Runner Up: Company: Sukoon.com.pk Product: Sukoon Online Services Website: www.sukoon.com.pk  

Winner: Company: Evamp & Saanga Product: Mobile Audio Streaming Service Website: www.evampsaanga.com  

Best in E-Learning Runner Up: Company: EduCoders Website: www.educoders.com  

Winner: Company: Arbisoft Product: Play Physics Website: www.arbisoft.com  

Best in E-Logistics and Supply Chain Runner Up: Company: ESoftBiz Product: iWMS Website: www.esoft-biz.com

Winner: Company: Efrotech Services Product: BizzTrax Website: www.efrotech.com



Best in Sustainability & Environment Technology Winner: Company: XGear (Pvt.) Ltd. Product: XGear - Drive Smart Website: www.xgear.io  

Best in Financial Industry Application Runner Up: Company: Efrotech Services Product: ePayroll (Payroll Disbursement Solution) Website: www.efrotech.com  

Runner Up: Company: Monet (Pvt.) Ltd Product: Swipe2Pay Website: www.monet-online.com  

Winner: Company: AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limited Product: AutoBANKER Website: www.autosoftdynamics.com  

Best in Industrial Application Winner: Company: Evamp & Saanga Product: Telecom On-Device-Portal (ODP) Website: www.evampsaanga.com  

Best in Research & Development Runner Up: Company: BurqStream Technologies Product: Flow Monitoring & Blockage Detection System Website: www.burqstream.com  

Winner: Company: TunaCode Pvt. Ltd. Product: Undersea Enhancer Website: www.tunacode.com  


Best in Security Application Winner: Company: BurqStream Technologies Product: SecureVideo Website: www.burqstream.com  

Best Startup Runner Up: Company: Finspire Innovations (Pvt.) Ltd. Product: Investor Lounge Website: www.investorlounge.co  

Runner Up: Company: Sukoon.com.pk Product: Sukoon Online Services Website: www.sukoon.com.pk  

Winner: Company: Ingrain (Pvt.) Ltd. Product: Ingrain Website:www.ingrain.io  

Best Tertiary Student Project Runner Up: Company: Namal College Mianwali Product: Rateker Website: www.rateker.com  

Runner Up: Company: College of EME, National University of Sciences and Technology Product: Development of EMG/ EEG Controlled Upper Limb Prosthesis Website: www.ceme.nust.edu.pk  

Winner: Company: Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture Product: Whisper O Website: www.whispero.io    

Best in Tourism & Hospitality Winner: Company: Wavetec FZCO Product: (Vendi) Website: www.wavetec.com  

Best School Project Winner: Company: Teddict Website: www.teddict.com  

Service Categories


Best in Animation Winner: Company: WeRPlay Product: Run Sheeda Run Website: www.werplay.com  

Best in Mobile Application Runner Up: Company: OneByte Product: CFxComics Website: www.onebyte.biz  

Winner: Company: Avanza Solutions Product: Proximate Website: www.avanzasolutions.com Best in BPO Winner: Company: Systems Limited Website: www.systemsltd.com  


Best in Brand Development Runner Up: Company: Avanza Solutions Website: www.avanzasolutions.com   Winner: Company: Invest2Innovate Website: www.invest2innovate.com  

Best in Gender Diversity Runner Up:  

Company: Bramerz Private Limited Website: www.bramerz.pk  

Winner: Company: WeRPlay Website: www.werplay.com  

Best in HR Excellence Winner: Company: Systems Limited Website: www.systemsltd.com  

Best in Managed Services Winner: Company: Monet (Pvt.) Ltd Website:www.monet-online.com  

Best in Project Management Runner Up: Company: Systems Limited Website: www.systemsltd.com  

Winner: Company: TPS Pvt. Ltd. Product: Ooredoo Payment Gateway Project Website: www.tpsonline.com

Best in Service Innovation Runner Up: Company: Software Labs/Streebo Product: Open Payments Analytics (OPA) Website: www.streebo.com  

Winner: Company: UBL Fund Managers Website: http://www.ublfunds.com  

Best in Social Media (IT Company) Runner Up: Company: Strategic Alliancez Website: www.strategicalliancez.com  

Winner: Company: Bramerz Private Limited Website: www.bramerz.pk   Best in Export Growth   Winner: Company: Systems Limited Website: www.systemsltd.com  

CIO of the Year (Private Sector) Winner: Company: Muhammad Rehan Qadri, CIO UBL Fund Managers Website: http://www.ublfunds.com