Pakistan and Tajikistan relations Got better

Pakistan and Tajikistan relations Got better

Emomali Rahmon the president of Tajikistan visited Pakistan for two days on the basis of strengthen the bilateral relations particularly in trade, energy and connectivity. He was accompanied by Nawaz Sharif, whereas, they discussed the major aspects of this visit.

On the basis of mutual benefit between these two countries they had one on one meeting at the PM house.PM expressed the importance of this relation with Tajikistan which is geographically closest to Pakistan than the other countries.

On the priority basis air links will be established. Connectivity is indeed a very important aspect to decrease the stress and increase the level of connectivity.

These two countries had the cultural ties and wished to transform those ties in the strong economic partnership.

The satisfactory expression of PM informed that the bilateral trade between Pakistan and Tajikistan has steadily risen to US$ 15 million in 2011 to US$89 Million in 2014.