Mobilink Announces Launch of MobiCare - Plans & Details

Mobilink Announces Launch of MobiCare - Plans & Details

Islamabad: 09th June, 2015:  Mobilink and Waseela Microfinance Bank have announced the launch of an innovative corporate health insurance product, MobiCare , after signing an agreement with AsiaCare Health and Life Insurance.  MobiCare shall be offering health insurance solutions to corporate customers through its existing network of panel hospitals comprising of 240+ institutions across Pakistan. 

The signing ceremony was attended by CEO Waseela Microfinance Bank Limited (WMBL) - Ghazanfar Azzam, CEO AsiaCare - Dr. Mehmood Mehdi Kazmi and VP and Senior Manager Corporate Accounts - Farhan Mustafa.

MobiCare offers hospitalization, maternity and pre-existing illness coverage mainly aimed towards low income segments of the society. Through various corporate organizations, employees that are not on any health plan or cannot afford insurance on their own will be offered health plans at very low prices which would provide cover their hospitalization, maternity and pre-existing illness in hospitals across the country.  Emergency care, surgery, hospital and prescription drugs will also be covered in the plan with hospitalization limits going up to PKR500000 per person. MobiCare also offers cashless claim facility available at all in-network hospitals and clinics nationwide.  

Speaking about the initiative to launch a much needed corporate health product, Ghazanfar Azzam, CEO WMBL, said, “I am delighted to launch MobiCare for the facilitation of millions of corporate sector employees who, for various reasons, cannot afford medical insurance. Our product provides much needed relief to those employees and their families in case of a medical emergency, as unforeseen medical needs, combined with high health care costs, leaves people with huge medical bills. MobiCare coverage greatly reduces unexpected medical costs, while providing the best possible medical care through our network of hospitals.”   

“Our partnership with AsiaCare speaks volumes about our intention to provide the masses with the best and the most innovative products. AsiaCare Health and Life Insurance is a leading health insurance company which offers a host of services and successfully caters to 150,000 + customers,” he added, while speaking about partnering up with Asiacare Health and Life Insurance.

On the occasion, Mehmood Mehdi Kazmi, CEO AsiaCare said: “It is an honor to partner with Mobilink for the launch of a much needed health product in the shape of MobiCare . By coupling our unrivalled experience in the health and life insurance industry and Mobicash’s vast financial network in Pakistan, we have developed a medical insurance service which caters to the ever changing needs of the working class. We are confident that MobiCare will quickly become a household name in the industry and shall facilitate millions of people who currently do not find medical insurance feasible.”

About Mobicash:

Mobicash has more than 53,000 retail outlets across Pakistan. In the recent past Mobicash has also been engaged in biometric-based disbursements to the flood victims in Punjab. In addition, it also facilitates direct collection of donations across Pakistan. Mobicash offers both Over-the-Counter (OTC) services and Mobile- account facilities for customers along with funds transfers, payment of utility bills, corporate disbursements and mass payment collections.

About AsiaCare:

AsiaCare provides innovative health insurance products, based on international standards and tailored to cater to the divergent needs of Pakistanis. Their mandate is to operate efficient health insurance systems and to deliver quality affordable medical care for all. AsiaCare’s edge lies not only in previous experiences in the US and Latin American industries, but also in an indispensable team of seasoned professionals, dedicated to innovate Pakistan’s health insurance industry.