WOW : Women On Wheels, Freedom To Be Enjoyed

WOW : Women On Wheels, Freedom To Be Enjoyed

The Punjab government on Sunday gave the ladies of Lahore with an opportunity to satisfy another long for organizing so as to ride a bike with no trepidation a motorbike rally titled 'Ladies on Wheels.

The undertaking dispatching service was held at Lahore Arts Council (Alhamra), while the bike rally was taken out from Kashmir Road and finished on the same point subsequent to finishing its course from The Mall where many individuals and social activists watched. In the rally, 80 of the 150 ladies who enlisted in the task took part. Legal counselor Asma Jahangir likewise delighted the bike ride.

Talking on the event, Asma Jahangir said that ladies have accomplished their rights and were making a status with their own particular endeavors and battle. She said that she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with each lady and raised her voice for their assurance at every stage. She included that the legislature ought to step for the ladies improvement yet WoW was their awesome exertion.