General Raheel Sharif to screw India on his visit to US

General Raheel Sharif to screw India on his visit to US

Army Chief & the visit to US taking action against India especially the New Delhi’s fanning terrorism here in Pakistan. This decision was taken on a high level security meeting amongst the country’s national action plan against terrorism by the civilian and military leaders.

Along the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet members, military and security agencies also participated in this meeting. Discussing about the government and state institution must remain focused on rooting out the militancy from the society and expressed the utmost positivity and satisfaction.

General Raheel Shareef will carry what Nawaz Sharif has pleaded to US plus taking them in confidence he has presented India not to interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

During the last meeting General Raheel Sharif explained about the target that army has achieved and is attaining against the militants. Data presented cleared the ambiguity of how areas are made clear and safe plus sound.

Criminal activities going on in Karachi are being curtailed along the statement of Nawaz Sharif not to compromise on any kind of activity.