Factory on Fire killing Workers

Factory on Fire killing Workers

Near the Ghurki Trust Hospital, a steel manufacturing unit was covered in fire killing 5 workers along it. The fire broke out in a small factory situated on the outer side of the village near Ghurki around 8pm. All aspects will be highly prioritized regarding the happening of this incident.

Conflict came between what was seen and what was curtailed later on. A worker who was saved explained how the fire broke out but the investigator seemed on the different track and explained the other reason of the fire to break out. The worker said oil depot build inside caught fire but the investigator said the oil depot caught fire after the boiler near it exploded.

Whereas, the situation got poorer as soon as the factory drowned in fire. The bodies were unable to recognize and the other four were taken to the hospital immediately

Firefighter reached there as soon as possible and curtailed the situation, cooled down the factory.