Parents 'Dharna' Against Famous Private Schools Fee Structure & Policies [Pictures]


Education is the right for everyone and should be affordable for all, if not free of cost. Schools these days are charging huge sum of money to “educate” kids which is unbearable for hard working parents. When this all became out of their hands, parents of children studying in private schools had to come out of their homes and protest against these money making machines who treat parents like ATMs.

One of the parents arranged an event on social media to gather all the suffering parents who are tired of paying hundreds of thousands of rupees for educating their little kids. Parents protested against institutes like Lahore Grammar School, Beaconhouse and others on their outrageous fee hikes and illegal taxation, at Liberty Roundabout Lahore. According to the parents, these private schools are charging on average 18 thousand rupees per month for playgroup, 20 thousand rupees per month for class 1 and more than 30 thousand rupees for class 4, which is unjustifiable in any conditions.

After successful revolutionary actions against restaurants, designers, Government and authorities should also pay some attention towards the private school mafia, the highest income grossing industry of our country. Parents demanded that they want someone as brave as Ayesha Mumtaz (Pakistan Food Authority Official) for Educational Institute as well for complete audit. They said that these private schools have made education, a pure business and they are butchering the hard earned money from the parents by blackmailing them emotionally through their children.

One of the organizers of the protest created a public sheet for parents to add their children's fee details. You can see the details here. The data is available publicly and can be access from anywhere in the world.

After the protest and extensive media coverage by all major Pakistani media outlets as well as some international channels including BBC etc., Punjab Education Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan called an emergency meeting on the demand by parents to lower the educational charges by private schools. A decision is yet to be made on the whole case.

Main Demands: There should be a unanimous syllabus for every school system, legally approved by the affiliating bodies, fee increase and quality of education should be monitored and controlled. The policies of every school should be in writing, properly published n distributed among the parent body. The protest was covered by all major Pakistani media outlets as well as some international channels including BBC etc.