Negotiation With The Protesters Curtailed, PIA Resume Flights

Negotiation With The Protesters Curtailed, PIA Resume Flights

The Admin/Government yesterday figured out how to gouge the Joint Action Committee challenge, succeeded in continuing flight operation in part and negotiation in any kind of transactions with the protesters , while the strikers vowed to proceed with their tumult, The Nation has learnt.

Then again, JAC charged the legislature was utilizing weight strategies against people to continue the flight operation, including it was not a major ordeal to work three flights out of 140, said JAC.

Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid, while conversing with The Nation, said the administration arrangement stayed unaltered. He said the government had made it clear that no arrangements with the nonconformists would be held until the end of the strike." He called attention to no discussions between Privatization Commission Chairman and Minister of State Zubair Umar and Joint Action Committee were in progress. He said the Joint Action Committee had no backing of the PIA workers as the flight operation was in advancement; however the rough fomentation was ceasing them to proceed with their occupations