Huawei Emerging As A Top Smartphones & Tablets Brand In China


In 2013, China officially overtook USA as the largest market of smart phones and tablets with over 246 million Android and iOS devices to account for in the year 2013. It is currently the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. For the past four consecutive market quarters Samsung had been taking the lead as the most popular smartphone company in China, with a great decrease in revenue and popularity in the last quarter bringing it down a spot for the year 2015. Which smart phone company did Samsung lose this battle to? None other than China’s very own, Huawei .

Huawei is currently the fastest growing smart phone company in China, with data for the Mate 7 flagship model showing more than 4 million shipped over the past 6 months. Data from October last year shows that Huawei accounted for 33% of the market shares for smart phones in China, whereas Samsung fell to a half dip at 25% and Apple accounted for a steady 22% leaving other smart phone contenders fighting over the rest of the 20%.