PM vows not to let anyone sabotage agenda of people’s development

MANSEHRA, Apr 28 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz
Sharif on Thursday vowed not to let anyone sabotage the PML-N
government’s agenda of people’s development, and warned his political opponents of the masses’ strong reaction.

“I want to tell the leg pullers that if they will create hurdles in the way of Pakistan’s development, the masses will throw them out,” he said while addressing a large public gathering in Dhudhial, after performing the ground-breaking of Havelian Thakot section of the Hazara Motorway.

The Prime Minister asked his political opponents to fully ponder over before taking any steps, as the masses were not ready to tolerate any hurdle in the way of development. “We will not let you create any hurdles in the way of Pakistan’s development, and will not let you sabotage the agenda of people’s development,” he added.