Facebook Community Challenge Hack Day in Lahore on 5th November

Build solutions. Help your community.

Here is your chance to get one-to-one mentorship from Facebook Engineering team, our local technology Gurus and fellow developers on building and improving your solutions/submissions for Facebook Community Challenge. To hold a community hack day, software gurus from across the country and the Facebook Engineers are coming up at an event in Lahore on 5th November.

The event is 6-hour long which is going to be held this weekend is bringing tech-heads and software gurus from across Pakistan at one table. The event is mainly focused at the Facebook Community Challenges, and the engineers from the development team at Facebook themselves are to make appearances in this event. Adnan Majeed, a Pakistani national who is currently working as a software engineer at Facebook, will also be one of the veterans providing guidance to the participants about improving their entries for Community challenges hosted by Facebook.

The event can be used to find credible guidance about the Facebook Community Challenge from none other than the Facebook engineering team. Apart from this training, the event can make for good networking too as different like-minded techies will be coming over to one forum and collaborate.

Developers around the globe use Facebook technologies to bring the world closer together and now Developer Circles from Facebook has a challenge for you. In the Developer Circles Community Challenge, you’ll contribute to your community by building solutions that help your fellow developers succeed.

Using at least one Facebook technology, create a solution for developers that either:

1) Improves their coding skills

2) Makes them more productive coders

3) Fosters community with other developers.

The complete details about applying and eligibility of this competition can be read at the blog post in this link. And in order to remain updated about the details on the Lahore event, keep visiting the event’s Facebook page.