We did not start this nuclear programme to roll it back:Dar

ISLAMABAD: "We won't move back even if our atomic program obligations swell to $100 trillion," says Finance Minister Ishaq Dar rejecting out and Western media reports Islamabad could bargain its atomic weapons store for dollars.

The finance Minister was advising the house on the nation's economy. What's more, toward the end of his approach explanation, he alluded to a 2008 article in Wall Street Journal featured 'How about we Buy Pakistan's Nukes' in which the writer requested that Western contributors concur on a $100 billion financial bundle in return for taking out Pakistan's atomic stockpile.

Prior, the Finance Minister painted a ruddy picture of national economy in a point by point presentation brimming with details and correlation with the past. "A turnaround [of economy] has occurred today, and our next target is development," Dar said while welcoming the restriction to hold hands with the administration to promote enhance the economy.